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With our unique marketing plan that differs for every apartment in every neighborhood, we make sure you get the best price for your home, in the shortest amount of time possible. As stressful as this process can be, we do everything we can to take it off of your shoulders. We handle every single detail during the process of selling your home with finite care and make sure that everything is done with the topnotch quality that you and your home deserves.

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My Team &
Why We Are The Best

With a team of more than 70 agents and fluency in nearly 20 different languages, you can be confident that there will be no rock that goes unturned in the process of selling your home. Whether your goal is to sell your home for a record breaking price, sell for a record breaking speed, or both - you've definitely come to the right broker, and the right team to do so.

If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it — then I can achieve it.
— Muhammad Ali

Curious of What Your Home's Worth?

That's a GREAT question and I'm glad you asked! At this point, I'm sure you've been looking at your Zestimate on Zillow and looked at StreetEasy to see what other apartments in your building have sold for.. I believe it's wrong, and I'll tell you why!

In my experience, Zestimate is not the most accurate because it base's its numbers off of an algorithm..... that's wrong 95% of the time! Zestimate can only compare your apartment

To other units and make guesses on what the computer thinks it is worth. It cannot see your view, it can't see how much love and appreciation you've put in to your home. Same for StreetEasy, you can see what other units are selling for, but the beauty of it is that it doesn't matter!!!! 

Why you ask?

As big of a question that is.. It's easy

To answer - A computer can't go into your home, look around, see how much love and appreciation you've put in to your home, see your view, see your upgrades and fixtures. It most importantly can't see how much you care, and that's why we are different, we understand how big of a deal this is to you. And that's why what you want comes first!

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